Coopers Hawk, 20 March 2017, Bar Harbor

March 20, 2017




Fox Sparrow -March 13-15 2017, Bar Harbor

March 15, 2017


Above, March 15.  Fox Sparrow survived a cold, windy, stormy night.


Late on the afternoon of March 14 (after 5:00pm) the Fox Sparrow made a sparrow-sized bowl for itself in the snow.  It kept moving constantly, keeping the small space free of the falling and wind-blown snow. A Junco attempted to take over the shelter but the Sparrow chased it off. Then three Mourning Doves arrived and evicted the Fox Sparrow, although even one dove was too large for the tiny space. The Sparrow flew off behind a nearby snowbank at 5:38pm.  He is here again this morning, and the driveway has been plowed and fresh seed scattered. Now there are half a dozen Juncos and 7 Doves and one brave Fox Sparrow with plenty of room and seed for all.

Purple Sandpipers at ANP





Northern Goshawk 2014- Feb 28 Bar Harbor

January 29, 2017


Hawk – 27 Jan. 2017 Harbor

January 27, 2017


Members of the Maine Bird List are helping me get an ID on this bird. The Hawk snatched a Blue Jay for its brunch today. Whatever it is, it is not the same Sharp shinned that was in the yard on 17 Jan.



Sharp-shinned Hawk 17 Jan 2017 Bar Harbor

January 17, 2017


Sharp-shinned hawk, I think. At first I thought this was a Gray Jay when it cruised to a landing in the Rhododendrons near the bird-feeder, so I immediately ran for the camera. As soon as I got a closer look I could see it is a much more familiar bird. Had to take the photos through double-glazed window, as usual. It tried several different perches before taking off for the edge of the woods.


Mourning Dove Missing part of tail 05 Nov ’16 Bar Harbor

December 5, 2016




Middle Machias River 25 Nov. 2016

November 26, 2016





Nov.25, afternoon on a damp day. The tidal Middle Machias River just off the boat launch behind Helen’s at mid-tide. Is this a Hooded Merganser with the cute crest?  Is that a Long Tailed duck partially hidden by the gull, and not clearly visible in the group photo? It seems an unlikely spot for that. And the other ducks, Black Ducks? or are they Mallards?   Advice is welcome!


Rose-breasted Grosbeak 15 May- Roque Bluffs, Maine

May 15, 2016





Purple Finch- Roque Bluffs, Maine

May 15, 2016



Canada Goose goslings hatch

May 9, 2016

08 May, 2016 Frenchman’s Hill fire-pond, Bar Harbor, Maine.  Female Goose was sitting on her island nest with male standing guard on the mainland on Saturday evening. Sunday afternoon Mother Goose had joined Papa Goose on the shore with their goslings.Four goslings are visible in the photos which were taken in the rain and from inside the car, parked at a distance because I did not want to distress them. I think I saw a fifth gosling.